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The Op Shop, Inc. is a not for profit community rehabilitation program that creates opportunities in sheltered or competitive employment for adults with disabilities.


The “Op” in The Op Shop stands for Opportunity because that is what we provide. Physically and mentally disabled citizens want and need the opportunity to become a productive part of society. All they need to accomplish that goal is a little extra training and guidance. What The Op Shop employees need is the right opportunity.

The Op Shop is a community rehabilitation facility for the vocationally disabled. We hire workers and train and supervise them in a variety of skills. Many of our employees are placed in positions with area businesses through contracts with us. We also have in-house workers who do bulk-mailings, collating, repackaging and assist in our production departments.

The Op Shop is proud to employ our disabled citizens who have the desire and ability to work. By doing so, we believe our efforts encourage each of our employees to realize that...

The Sky’s the Limit...
When you think outside the box.


316 Columbia Street, Fairmont, WV 26554 phone 304-366-5737 fax 304-363-6651